Understanding Bipolar Disorder: A Radical Acception

I have to say, I’m really digging the energy of this Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius. I feel it best when I focus most on positivity. I feel like today’s topic maybe needed for someone who is struggling. I promise, this is not a whine and cheese kind of post. Lately the concept of bipolarContinue reading “Understanding Bipolar Disorder: A Radical Acception”


I feel like it’s time I address my Sunday Girl followers. I apologize for once again neglecting my posts. My energy has been devoted to other matters needing my attention. It’s not my intention to use this platform as a sounding board for negativity and complaints. I haven’t been feeling especially inspired to write muchContinue reading “Metamorphosis”

Wading in Water

Dated: 4/26/2021 There’s a song that has been following me around with a message intended for me: “All Along the Watch Tower” by Jimi Hendrix. It’s the intro specifically that I hear over and over again. “There must be some kind of way outta here Said the joker to the thief There’s too much confusionContinue reading “Wading in Water”

Sick Love

I wrote about the following dream in early February, just after I quit smoking cannabis for good on 1/13/2021. I initially started smoking three years ago, after the married man I was in love with broke my heart. No matter how much I knew this union was in poor taste and was never meant toContinue reading “Sick Love”

Come Take A Bath With Me

Today was a day devoted entirely to myself. It was well deserved given the abundant mess of doctor appointments cluttering up my schedule. After my gel pedicure, I went to the mall to return a few items. I left feeling accomplished, but in need of a restorative bubble bath. I changed my clothes and grabbedContinue reading “Come Take A Bath With Me”

Straight into Darkness

Mercury Retrograde appeared at the end of January (2021) and presented it’s ominous cloud. I had spent a good portion of the New Year familiarizing myself with a new routine, wherein I comforted myself during PTSD and balanced my self care with work, or so I thought. A new challenge was making itself known. Suddenly,Continue reading “Straight into Darkness”

Attention Sunday Girl Readers

Thank you to all of my readers and followers that have waited so patiently for my return. I apologize that I left so abruptly. It seems like once the last Mercury Retrograde session started, I have been dealing with an exponential increase in chronic pain. In addition, I received news pertaining to my health thatContinue reading “Attention Sunday Girl Readers”

Release Judgment & Love Yourself

This morning I was applying lotion after my shower. I turned around to the floor mirror and saw bruises scattered amongst my belly, ass, and calves. One might think I’m self harming and at one point in my life, this may have been true. However, I have trigger points all over my body. I gatherContinue reading “Release Judgment & Love Yourself”

The Relationship Between Bipolar and Work

I have a bit of a confession to make. I’m a workaholic. I’m a writer and a healer and I love what I do. They provide me the freedom to be myself without feeling like a slave to the daily grind. Like many addictions, this is an intricate web of control issues that my mindContinue reading “The Relationship Between Bipolar and Work”

Wash Away the Haters

Lately, I’ve received some negative feedback with regard to a post I published on witchcraft. Now, I understand that my opinion is not always the popular one and everyone is welcome to disagree, provided you are respectful. I believe that we are all mature enough to discuss our differences with healthy boundaries and decorum. TrollingContinue reading “Wash Away the Haters”