Come Take A Bath With Me

Today was a day devoted entirely to myself. It was well deserved given the abundant mess of doctor appointments cluttering up my schedule. After my gel pedicure, I went to the mall to return a few items. I left feeling accomplished, but in need of a restorative bubble bath.

I changed my clothes and grabbed my light pink satin kimono robe. I gathered my hair and secured it in a ballerina bun. The water ran to a nice, sultry, melting, hot and dissolved citrus Epsom salt. A copious amount of bubble bath was added, creating a fluffy white mountain of bubbles throughout. Kitty Kai, my black cat companion, watches my routine carefully. She takes meticulous notes and insists on observing all my self care routines.

I say out loud my intentions for this bath. It’s purpose is to soothe my aches and re-center my energy. I’m told the more ornate and elaborate the self care ritual, the stronger the magick. There’s no rubber ducky, just my bare bitch essentials. I sink myself into the tub gently, as my body’s chronic pain and inflammation don’t require much inspiration to overtake me. The foamy bubbles kiss my feet and I admire the new soft nude pink that graces my toes for the next few weeks.

I continue to splash the water over my arms and shoulders for the areas that aren’t fully immersed. I sigh and reflect over my day. Beside me sits my water bottle and cell phone. I access YouTube and begin a video by, The Lune INNATE (link below). She composed a thoughtful stress relief energy cleansing reiki (ASMR) session. She works her magick as I work mine. I breathe in and slowly I feel her energy subtly drain the tension from my forehead and base of my skull. It’s healing I didn’t know how to do all myself. I’m so grateful that today I have access to all of these energetic gifts that she and those alike have prepared in abundance, thanks to the invention of the internet.

I take in the sounds of the bubbles crackling and water sloshing. Kitty Kai sits on the overhang, oblivious to the sun’s gentle illuminating glow on her face and coat. She’s most inquisitive how the bubbles shift and float along the water. Her bathing ritual doesn’t require much water at all and she often questions my willingness to get wet.

My feet rest comfortably draped over the railing. I peak through the slats of the blinds nearby, fixating on a clear azure sky. The Lune INNATE finishes her reiki session and my water has turned tepid. With prune hands and feet, the sensual goddess emerges more calm and composed. A hectic schedule makes it easy to appreciate a glorious day like this.


Published by sundaygirl9

Writer, designer, rock music enthusiast, animal lover, mental health advocate. I spent my formative years in L.A. County and later in California's Monterey Bay. I presently reside in Nevada to raise societal conscious awareness and compassion. I am relentless in pursuit of truth. I support good vibes only here. I'm a Libra with moon in Capricorn.

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